Dear Navy League Foundation,

2019 Graduation Announcement for Payton Garland
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My whole life, I’ve been taught the value of knowledge. My mother, a 7th grade math teacher, and my father, a United States Marine and intense history lover, both worked hard to instill a love of learning inside of me. Complicated equations were simply a fun puzzle that needed solving and history was the building blocks of my every bedtime story. They are both so proud of the path that I’ve chosen to follow.

I completed my undergraduate with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering with dual minors in Reliability and Maintainability and Business Administration. I found my passion in the intersection between figures and people. With engineering I am able to solve hands on problems every day and with business I get to see how those solutions impact people and the business at large. 

Throughout my undergraduate program I’ve found so many amazing friends. I was the Public Relations chair for two years in my professional coed engineering fraternity, I was a D-1 athlete on the UT rowing team, and I worked for two amazing companies through an internship and co-op. The memories I’ve made are priceless and I can’t wait to make more here at the University of Tennessee. 

I’m currently pursuing two masters in the dual MS/MBA program. This program builds upon the foundation that I built in my undergraduate program. Through the guidance of mentors and the collaboration with peers, I will become a greater asset to industry and be able to solve problems that are found when machines and man intersect.

I am so incredibly grateful for your support in helping me realize my passions and dreams. It’s because of you that I can continue my education and that is something that will always be near to my heart. Thank you. 


Payton Elizabeth Garland
2014 Harold Wirth Scholarship Awardee